The Brief

Grace, Faith and Truth Ministries is a church established in the coastal town of Hermanus. It is shortened as GFT Ministries. Slipside Creative was tasked to create its corporate identity to help identify it and separate it from other churches, during their launch. This entails new logo design, typography, color palette and some custom icons. In short, to create a strong and consistent visual identity that would be relevant to the local community.

The Plan

Slipside would create a visual identity that would have a prominent, powerful and memorable aesthetic. We looked toward the several elements and their high impact livery. We quickly realised upon the common use of the colour blue and a need to have all church material have the same look and feel. With GFT Ministries, we adopted a flexible and unique logomark and logotype which could be applied to all materials. This ensured a memorable brand with high worshipper recall. The t-shirt livery was distributed to the attendees to ensure they stand out from other churches. The logo, type and colour palette was used across all collateral from apparel liveries to corporate brochures, stationery and signage.


The Result

We put together a clear corporate identity, that shows on all church elements, from stationery to signage. The corporate identity was met with great success with a series of large church services turn up. This has resulted in an increased awareness in the community.

Rollout / Media

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